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IE Accelerator can considerably increase the IE surfing and the download speeds
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Even if many people say that it is a rather buggy and unsafe browser, Internet Explorer is still one of the most used web browsers in the world, and it will be for many years from now on. If you are one of the many Internet Explorer users, you should also consider using this small application as well. IE Accelerator can considerably increase the surfing and the download speeds when using this browser.

In order to boost the speeds of your browser, IE Accelerator increases the simultaneous connections of each IE window instead of tweaking registry keys, as other accelerators do. This makes this application much more effective, as the increase in speed is much more noticeable.

Another aspect that I like about this neat tool is the fact that it will work without any problem regardless of the connection type. IE Accelerator can improve the speed of IE on connections like modem-based ones, LAN, ISDN, CATV, ADSL, Cable, etc. Furthermore, IE Accelerator is very simple, neat, lightweight and easy-to-use. It comes with a minimalistic interface and it can run completely unobtrusive.

In an end note, IE Accelerator is a nice addition on the computers of those who use Internet Explorer as their main browser.

Margie Smeer
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  • Neat and simple interface
  • Can run unobtrusively from the system tray
  • Works with any connection type


  • A bit pricey
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